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OpenLDAP 2.0.7 released

OpenLDAP 2.0.7 is now available for download as detailed on our
download page:
or from one of our mirrors:

This is a maintenance release and is made available for general
use.  The release includes a number of bug fixes and minor
enhancements.  Users of previous OpenLDAP 2.0 releases are
encouraged to upgrade at their earliest convenience.

Release documents (including copyright, license, and changes) are
available at:

An updated "OpenLDAP 2.0 Administrator's Guide" is available at:

Enjoy!  Kurt

Changes since last release:

OpenLDAP 2.0.7 Release
    Fixed -lldap TLS data ready bug (ITS#821)
    Fixed -lldap abandon unsent op bug (ITS#837)
    Fixed -lldap URL search w/o host bug (ITS#843)
    Fixed -lldap referral handling bugs (ITS#799 ITS#817)
    Fixed -lldap UTF-8 bug (ITS#860)
    Fixed ldappasswd old passwd encoding bug
    Fixed slapd DN whitespace compression (ITS#852)
    Fixed slapd spasswd mutex bug
    Fixed slapd ACL nameuid bug
    Fixed slapd SASL layering bug
    Fixed slapd unknown authc method bug (ITS#831 ITS#844)
    Fixed slapd TLSVerifyClient config bug
    Fixed tools passwd clearing bug
    Updated -lldap TLS/SASL error reporting
    Updated -llber large element handling
    Updated slapadd error reporting
    Updated slapd chroot handling (ITS#810)
    Updated slapd subschema subentry
    Updated slapd manageDSAit support (ITS#851)
    Updated slapd root DIT support
    Updated slapd/back-sql
    Updated getaddrinfo error handling (ITS#845 ITS#845 ITS#863)
    Added -lldap SASL/EXTERNAL (TLS) support (ITS#865)
    Added slapd additional syntax/matching rule support
    Removed lint
    Build Environment
        Fixed make comment bug (ITS#811)
        Fixed $(DESTDIR) install (ITS#806)
        Added proxy check to passwd test
        Fixed slurpd tempdir perms (ITS#840)
        Updated ldappasswd(1)
        Updated ldap_url(3)
        Updated slapd.conf(5)
        Updated slapd(8)
        Updated slurpd(8)