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There's a new snapshot of web2ldap available at:


Consider this pre-release to be experimental. Please check out the
changes list to see which things are fixed and which things needs to
be tested thoroughly.

Compability issues: You have to upgrade to Python 2.0 because of the
Unicode stuff. You have to upgrade to the recent CVS version of
python-ldap (preferred) or at least a release which has base class
ldap.LDAPError for exceptions raised by python-ldap. See
http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=2072 on how to the CVS

New features since 0.7.10: Uses new Unicode objects of Python 2.0,
displays X.509 certs and CRLs including commonly used extensions,
smarter exception handling for e.g relogins etc.

Ciao, Michael.