OpenLDAP Fortress

What is OpenLDAP Fortress

OpenLDAP Fortress, or simply Fortress, is a standards based and Open Source Identity Access Management Java SDK for LDAP v3 compliant systems. Fortress is 100% compliant with RBAC, ARBAC02 and IETF's password policy draft. Fortress was developed by JoshuaTree Software and integrated installation packages that also include OpenLDAP binaries can be obtained from

What can Fortress SDK do?

Contained within this SDK are APIs and utilities to perform authentication, authorization, administration, auditing and password policies. The most important package in this system is com.jts.fortress which contains all of the public APIs that need to be called by outside programs. To learn more about Fortress, checkout the javadoc that is created as part of the SDK build from this package or from In addition to programmatic APIs, there are also plug-ins available that may be used to provide declarative security to applications that deploy Java EE containers.

What technologies are used?

Fortress SDK runs on any platform that supports Java technology and LDAP v3 protocols. Functionality that extends beyond LDAP v3 is provided via OpenLDAP specific features. In other words Fortress was optimized to run on OpenLDAP.

What are the conditions of use?

This software development toolkit is open source, thus free to use and distribute via the OpenLDAP Public License and compatible licenses, such as the new BSD License.
Contributed by JoshuaTree Software

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