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The OpenLDAP client library, and clients using it, use the ldap.conf installed in $prefix/etc/openldap/, unless otherwise instructed. A file located in a different place can be used by creating it in the appropriate place and with the appropriate name, or by setting appropriate environment variables. To control detection and use of the LDAP configuration file, follow instructions in ldap.conf(5).

A common error consists in assuming that the OpenLDAP client library and OpenLDAP tools just use /etc/ldap.conf; this in general is incorrect, because by default the OpenLDAP package does not install nor use that file (unless instructed to do so; see configure --help to customize the location of data files).

Other packages, with little or no relation with OpenLDAP software, may install and use that file; you should by no means assume that that file is related to OpenLDAP.

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