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Re: slapd-sock v2.4.47 not returning LDIF

Giuseppe De Marco wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I made a configuration to get slapd-sock to work with a python3 server (gevent).
> The slapd configuration can be reproduced less then a minute using this ansible playbook:
> https://github.com/peppelinux/ansible-slapd-eduperson2016

> I tested that this configuration doesn't have any problems in a Debian 9 installation (slapd 2.4.44) but in a Debian10 (2.4.47) does. Even if I use
> "servers/slapd/back-sock/searchexample.pl <http://searchexample.pl>" [1] I get the same faulty result, described as follow:

searchexample.pl works fine here. Most likely something like SELinux policy has changed
between Debian 9 and Debian 10.

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