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Re: [LMDB] getting MDB_CORRUPTED when deleting within a DUPSORT database

On 3/20/17 2:19 PM, Klaus Malorny wrote:
> [...]

one addition: I fiddled around to turn mdb_debug on at the right moment and got:

entering mdb_cursor_del

mdb_page_touch:2426 touched db 8 page 2071338 -> 6529752
mdb_node_del:7376 delete node 0 on leaf page 6529752
mdb_rebalance:8227 rebalancing leaf page 6529752 (has 28 keys, 59,4% full)
mdb_rebalance:8232 no need to rebalance page 6529752, above fill threshold

mdb_cursor_del returned 0

entering mdb_cursor_get

mdb_page_search:5617 db -8 root page 2071112 has flags 0x4
mdb_page_search_root:5508 internal error, index points to a 04 page!?

mdb_cursor_get returned -30796

mdb_txn_end:2979 abort txn 15528w 0x7f2fdc6fcd00 on mdbenv 0x7f2fdc6e9500, root page 2007937

So the mdb_cursor_get seems to cause the error, maybe due to a side effector of mdb_cursor_del.