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synrepl error 69

Hello Openldap community,

I have an openldap syncrepl consumer that started producing this error:

Mar 15 11:52:47 ldap-replic.domain.local slapd[27770]: syncrepl_entry:
rid=xxx be_add uid=xxxxx,ou=myou,dc=domain,dc=xx failed (69)
Mar 15 11:52:47 ldap-replic.domain.local slapd[27770]: do_syncrepl:
rid=xxx rc 69 retrying

I have a simple provider/consumer replication configured:

olcSyncrepl: {0}rid=xxx provider=ldap://<provider>:389 bindmethod=simple b
 inddn="uid=<replicator>,ou=myou,dc=domain,dc=xx" credentials=secret se
 archbase="dc=domain,dc=xx" scope=sub schemachecking=on
 t retry="5 10 300 +"

I couldn't find the error code on search engines. I'd like to know the
possible causes/solutions to this.

Thank you !