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Re: Pverlay development documentation

On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 08:59:34AM +1100, Geoff Swan wrote:
I have a need to write an overlay (openldap-2.4.44) and wondered if
there was any documentation for overlay development?


From a development environment perspective, is it advisable to use the
contrib/slapd-modules/ as a build location, using a Makefile based on
one of the existing overlays and also the non-exposed header files (eg
"portable.h") or not?

As long as your environment sets LDAP_SRC and LDAP_BUILD appropriately, the actual location is probably not important. I've built overlays totally separate from the openldap source in the past. If you intend to submit your module as contrib-ware, contrib is certainly the right place.

Yes, using portable.h is good practice, and of course you'll need slap.h as well.