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Re: Syncrepl only partially working

Am Sat, 29 Oct 2016 13:16:03 -0600
schrieb Joshua Schaeffer <jschaeffer0922@gmail.com>:

> On 10/29/2016 03:45 AM, Dieter Klünter wrote:
> >
> > Note that there is a hard coded limit to 500 operations. If you have
> > more than 500 entries, syncrepl only recieves a limited set of
> > entries. Read slapd-config(5) on limits.
> >
> > -Dieter
> >
> I feel this is somewhat contradictory with the admin guide:
> "The content of the syncrepl replica is defined using a search
> specification as its result set. The consumer slapd will send search
> requests to the provider slapd according to the search specification.
> The search specification
> includessearchbase,scope,filter,attrs,attrsonly,sizelimit,
> andtimelimitparameters as in the normal search specification.
> Thesearchbaseparameter has no default value and must always be
> specified. Thescopedefaults tosub, thefilterdefaults
> to(objectclass=*),attrsdefaults to"*,+"to replicate all user and
> operational attributes, andattrsonlyis unset by default.
> Bothsizelimitandtimelimitdefault to "unlimited", and only positive
> integers or "unlimited" may be specified."
> It specifies that the sizelimit and timelimit defaults to unlimited.
> I understand that you are pointing out a hard limit on the provider
> side so it doesn't matter that the search is unlimited from the
> consumer's side, it's just a first glance it seems that the search
> will be unlimited.
> Either way, I change both provider and consumer databases to
> unlimited and I'm still not getting all the database entries from my
> provider.
It is a bit more complicated than that.
syncrepl is a client operation, which requires ldap client
configuration, specified in ldap.conf(5).
The sizelimit and timelimit, configuration parts defined in
slapd.conf(5), are global configuration parameters.
There is a database specific 'limits' parameter, which binds the
defined operation limitation to a Distinguished Name.
You realy should read that manual pages slapd.conf(5) and
slapd-config(5) on databasse limits and syncrepl limits.


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