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Re: syncrepl not working: "no serverID / URL match found"

Hello Quanah,

>> This config works fine with the "old" 2.4.23, but on 2.4.33 I get the
>> following error when I start it on the commandline with
>> /usr/lib/openldap/slapd -h ldap:///   -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf -u
>> ldap -g ldap  -o slp=off -d 1
>> 57ff35cc read_config: no serverID / URL match found. Check slapd -h
>> arguments.
> Hi Daniel,
> As the error message notes, there is no match between what you are
> passing to -h when slapd starts (ldap:///) and a URI in your serverID
> config (ldap://server1... ldap://server2...).
> Adjust your -h option to slapd so that it can be matched against a
> server ID.
> Hope that helps!

Yes, with -h ldap://server2.branch.xxx.de it works, but why does it work
with this configuration at openldap 2.4.23? Was it a bug?



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