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Re: Syncrepl and missing entries

Am Mittwoch, 05. Oktober 2016 17:15 CEST, Thomas Hummel <thomas.hummel@pasteur.fr> schrieb:

> Also, the missing entry was the sssd application user (sssd binds using
> it), may be relevant or not...

This sounds suspiciously like an access control issue. Can you read this entry
via ldapsearch with the credentials of your syncrepl?

> By the way, trying to (blindly) reproduce it, I started again from
> scratch (rm mdb files) and did some systemctl stop slapd.service (and
> restarts) while the replication was running. Odd enough, I ended up with
> a 1GB data.mdb file while it's usual size is normally about 43MB (1GB is
> the max configured and a slapcat semmed to dump the correct expected 
> number of '^dn:' as grepped).

IIRC mdb files don't "grow", the start with the max size  (but are sparse files,
sotheywon't eat up your disc).

 Cheers,Ralf Mattes