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User Import Problem with n-way multimaster setup

I have a Problem importing a large batch of users into the following setup:
Two Nodes of openldap running n-way multimaster replication with mdb backend, version is 2.4.44.
Everything looks good, replication is working.

Now I am trying to import a ldif file with 110362 Users to be added and 956419 group modify operations:

1. When both nodes are online and replication is running, after slapd on the importing node quickly starts using all available memory until the kernel oom-killer decides it uses too much and kills the process.
This seems to be caused by the group modifications: It did not happen before, when we had an error in the ldif which caused the group modify statements to be ignored, so only users were imported.
We tried to circumvent this behavior by adding up to 32GB of Memory, but this only postponed the problem.
2. When I shut down the second node, so no replication is happening, then start the user and group membership import, this runs fine (takes about 10 hours) without exhausting memory, but if I join the second node afterwards none of the new entries is replicated to the second node.

Does anyone have an idea what I might be doing wrong?
Currently I try to batch import with the ldif split into chunks of 1000 entries, with a 30s pause in between.

Best Regards,

Robert Lindner

Cloud Platform Engineer | Delivion GmbH
Nachbarsweg 25a | D-45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Tel.: [+49] 170 7727967 | Web: www.delivion.de
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