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Re: Knowing free mdb space

On 01/07/2016 04:57 AM, Angel L. Mateo wrote:

     I have recently migrated my openldap server from hdb to mdb. In
this kind of database you configure the maximal database size with
maxsize option.

     Although I have configure this option with 8GB, more than the
double of my actual database size, I would like to know if there is any
way to calculate the remaining size.

     According to [1] you can get the actual size with a du. But my
problem is that I'm using zfs with a compressed file system, so du
reports the compressed size, not the real one.

Addressing this from the filesystem side, rather than openldap, "du -A" reports the apparent size rather than the used size - this gives you the file sizes without compression. That's for FreeBSD, I have not used zfs on linux, but it looks like "du --apparent-size" should do the same thing.