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disable simple paged results control support?!


I am trying to make my client, developed for OpenLDAP also compatible
with Oracle DSEE.
Oracle DSEE is missing support for simple paged results, which I use.
Yet, ODSEE supports virtual list view with server-side sorting. I
adjusted my code, to use that - VLV+SSS as a fallback whenever the
server does not support paged results and supports VLV+SSS, like

Is it possible to disable OpenLDAP server-side support of simple paged
results control, so the OpenLDAP server would respond that this
control is unavailable?

I don't have an LDAP proxy, nor ODSEE configured. OpenLDAP saved me
many times, in past. Can OpenLDAP be configured to do what I need, so
I could test my fallback code in the client using an OpenLDAP server?

Thank you,

Igor Shmukler