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Re: Centos 7/openldap/samba

Alex Moen wrote:
Setting up a new openldap server on Centos 7.  I am trying to add the
samba.schema that comes with samba.  I got the schema file from the newest
distribution of Samba, copied it to /etc/openldap/schema, and ran "ldapadd -Y
EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -f /etc/openldap/schema/samba.schema".  This command
worked perfectly with the cosine and inetorgperson schema files, but I got an
'invalid format (line 1) entry: ""' response.

I grepped the internet for this response, and found that some people have
needed to change all "attryibutetype" entries to "attributetype:".  So, I did
that.  It got me to line 2, where the leading descriptor is "DESC".  I changed
all the "DESC" to "DESC:", which was also helpful and moved me on to line 3,
and so on.  So, now I have gotten to line 236, which is an objectclass
statement, so I am lost.

None of the other files that worked with this exact same command syntax has
any of the colons on the descriptors (IDK what they are really called), so I
wonder if I'm not barking up the wrong tree.

I also can't find anything on the net that speaks to this issue, so I am
guessing that I probably have some other problem with the server.

Any suggestions???

Read the ldif(5) manpage.

Read the comments in schema/openldap.ldif.

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