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Re: Slapd is coming down

--On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 2:39 PM -0300 Édnei Rodrigues <ednei.felipe.rodrigues@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Guys, how are you doing ?

Aug 19 09:51:44 ds1openldap2h kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 21760
(slapd) score 957 or sacrifice child
Aug 19 09:51:44 ds1openldap2h kernel: Killed process 21760, UID 55,
(slapd) total-vm:18314360kB, anon-rss:11646816kB, file-rss:680kB

Your OS killed it, slapd didn't "come down". You don't give any useful information, so it's hard to provide guidance. I've often seen this when other processes (particularly java based) are using up memory, and slapd goes to alloc new memory, so the OS kills it. Useful details besides your version (2.4.39, per the log) would be:

database backend
database size
slapd process size after DB is fully in memory




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