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Re: ACL to allow all but one OU

On 07/27/2015 01:16 PM, Olaf Hopp wrote:
Hi listers,

I have ~40 departments in several ou's and I need an ACL to allow
access for one user to all but one OU.

I do not want to forbid that ou in question and thus implicitly allowing all the others.
I want to formulate this explicitly, so I can directly see what is allowed.

Moreover the names of the ou's are very similar to each other, something like:

and suppose I want to disallow access to the ou=abaa.

I ended up with two ACLs:
the first one to forbid ou=abaa:

access to dn.sub=ou=abaa,dc=.... \
                 by dn=uid=foo,dc=.... none
                 by * break

and then allowing access to all ou's with

access to dn.regex=ou=[^,]+,dc=... \
                 by dn=uid=foo,dc=...
                 by * break

Is it possible to formulate this with just one ACL ?
I tried something like "ou=!abaa" with just the second ACL but failed.

Then I tried ou=[^a][^b][^a][^a]
but this matches also the ou=bbbb to wich the uid=foo should have access.

Let me answer this question by myself for completeness:

use a filter is the answer:
in my example above does the trick.

Regards, Olaf

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