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Upgrading OpenLDAP from 2.4.39 to 2.4.41

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We have a 2-way master production cluster actively running 2.4.39. We are wanting to upgrade to 2.4.41 (we haven't yet internally certified 42). What is the best practices around upgrading this cluster while keeping at least one of the servers online? Is it replication-safe to have one node on 2.4.39 and one on 2.4.41 for a short period?

If not, I can temporarily comment out the syncrepl statements until both servers are on 2.4.41 and then reenable replication after both are upgraded. We can live with short inconsistency period between the servers during the upgrade of the servers until we can resume replication. Also, is the DB format fully compatible between these two versions or would it be better to reload the DB new from an LDIF backup on 2.4.41? Is there an upgrade doc somewhere that discusses these issues?



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