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Re: Waiting for initial replication to complete

On Wed, Jun 24 2015 at 22:31:46 +0000, Bannister, Mark scribbled
 in "Waiting for initial replication to complete":
> Hi,
> When I first set-up a new OpenLDAP consumer (syncrepl) it can take 5-10 minutes to sync the data from the master server.  The script I've written that configures the replica needs to know when the initial full replication is complete.  At the moment I'm testing to see if all the top-level containers are in place, and then waiting a little longer, but this seems pretty fragile to me.  Is there a more accurate way of determining once the initial syncrepl is complete?
> Thanks,
> Mark.

Can your script check and compare the contextCSN value of both the
master and the slave? The faq entry at [0] will give you a little more
information, but it's how we're monitoring the replication state of
our clusters, so may well be what your script needs to look at.




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