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Re: Replacement for ldap_sort_entries

On 2015-06-24 17:26, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
The logic of that sorting is broken.  Sorting by DN (or by value) requires the knowledge of the syntax and matching rule(s) of the corresponding attributes.  First of all, the client is not supposed to know much about it.  Second, a wise implementation would normalize values (or DNs), then sort.  An accurate implementation of those functionalities based on the deprecated API would be at least inefficient.  It would be much wiser to do the sorting at the client's side, after extracting data from the LDAP results.  And the PHP interface should deprecate those functions as well.

I do intend to deprecate this function but I can’t remove it right away so I’m searching for a solution allowing to remove the -DLDAP_DEPRECATED=1 without losing this sorting feature.

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