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Re: HP-UX: mdb_txn_commit and MDB_WRITEMAP

On 29/04/15 04:46, Howard Chu wrote:
> Kristian Amlie wrote:
>> We have enabled MDB_WRITEMAP on our HP-UX 11.23 Itanium after previous
>> discussions on the list, and that worked nicely for the most part.
>> However now we face a different issue: Occasionally, mdb_txn_commit will
>> return "Resource temporarily unavailable". I have not been able to
>> determine exactly which resource it's talking about; I suspected shared
>> memory limits, but raising this limit did not solve the problem. This
>> issue did not occur without MDB_WRITEMAP.
>> Any idea what else it could be? I can probably insert debug code into
>> LMDB if that's needed.
> The only thing that can return that error is a syscall, and the only
> syscall performed with WRITEMAP is msync(). I suggest you start looking
> there.

This issue appears to have vanished after we upgraded to 0.9.14, so
consider it case closed! :-)