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Re: Need migrationhelp for because of bug in slapcat

Frank Offermanns wrote:

in our custom schema we have used several attributes with the syntax:
attributetype ( myAttributeType:106 NAME ( 'casFileContent' )
         DESC 'Contains the file'
         SINGLE-VALUE )

We defined this schema before this syntax was dropped.

Everything worked for a long time. Now with OpenLDAP Version 2.4.39 and
newer a slapcat does  no longer export this attributes as MimeContent, but
as plain text.

I have to admit that this text rather confuses me.
What is "MimeContent" in this context?
Are you familiar with the correct use of base64 when generating/parsing LDIF (see RFC 2849)?

So the ldif can't be used for importing.

Could you please give LDIF examples what is currently exported and what you expect to be correct?

Ciao, Michael.

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