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Re: OpenLDAP keeps on dying sporadically

To be frank, I highly doubt it. Those problems have been there since I first used OpenLDAP five years ago. Neither do I use sync - so none except the collect fixes looks like it would apply in the first place. But I'll give it a quick shot. Can you please provide me a link, cause I wasn't able to find "current RE24" on the official website nor on the FTP mirror.


Am 27.04.15 um 18:32 schrieb Quanah Gibson-Mount:
--On Monday, April 27, 2015 12:02 PM +0200 Leander Schäfer <info@netocean.de> wrote:

Hi Michael,
Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for your reply. I'm running Version 2.4.40. As I said, I do not
run binary version. I always compile OpenLDAP from sources / latest ports

Please compile and run current RE24 and see if you can reproduce. There are multiple segfault fixes present.

OpenLDAP 2.4.41 Engineering
       Fixed libldap segfault in ldap_sync_initialize (ITS#8001)
       Fixed slapd segfault when using matched values control (ITS#8046)
       Fixed slapo-collect segfault (ITS#7797)
Fixed slapo-syncprov segfault on disconnect/abandon (ITS#5452,ITS#8012)
       Fixed slapo-syncprov segfault on disconnect/abandon (ITS#8043)



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