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Re: [lmdb] MDB_BAD_DBI error upon mdb_txn_commit (newbie question)

You're abusing mdb_dbi_open().  Its doc says:

  "This function must not be called from multiple concurrent
  transactions in the same process. A transaction that uses this
  function must finish (either commit or abort) before any other
  transaction in the process may use this function."

That text could have stood out a bit better in the doc:-(

The error is simple for lmdb to try to catch, though without
locking it cannot guarantee to catch it.  Try this patch:

(Howard, this is branch "mdb/serial-open" in my UiO repo.)
Not sure if it should do more than this.  E.g. attack mdb_drop
too.  Maybe set MDB_TXN_ERROR since a program with broken
threading can break the DB.