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olcObjectClasses: user-defined ObjectClass has inappropriate SUPerior: "dcObject"


I could not find anything exactly relevant quickly. Sorry to bother
you good folks, again.

I am trying to extend dcObject class in order to support a couple of
additional attributes. It is not working, and it appears that the
problem is not syntax-related.

Is what I am trying to do legal? Is dcObject a good way to go about my
goal of adding a DIT-level attributes?
Should I instead create another class unrelated to dcObject? If yes, why?

Below is my LDIF:
olcAttributeTypes: ( NAME ( 'serviceLevel' )
  DESC 'directory service mode. valid values are: trial, standard and premium'
  SUP name )
olcObjectClasses: ( NAME 'customDcObject'
  DESC 'Directory Domain Description'
  MAY ( serviceLevel ) )

I should probably replace the last MAY for MUST. My attribute should
be mandatory.
Yet, it is probably not the reason for the error, is it?!

Please advise,


Igor Shmukler