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Re: How to use ldapsearch -Esync ?

Am Mon, 23 Mar 2015 20:55:51 +0100
schrieb Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>:

> Thomas Cort wrote:
> >> I'm writing a script that acts on changes in LDAP.
> >
> > I've abandoned this idea. The ldapsearch utility doesn't decode
> > SyncInfo messages which provide valuable information. Instead, it
> > simply prints "SyncInfo Received". This is worse than printing
> > nothing at all because it causes my LDIF parser to choke.
> >
> > I think either the slapd-perl or slapd-shell backends are better
> > suited to my needs than tailing the output of ldapsearch -Esync/rp
> I'd rather recommend not to use slapd-perl or slapd-shell backends.
> I'd recommend to look into these options:
> 1. back-sock (also usable as overlay)
> 2. changes written to a separate DB slapo-accesslog
> 3. implement your own syncrepl client with a decent scripting
> language. For Python see [1], not sure whether there is a decent
> syncrepl module for Perl.



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