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ldap_sasl_bind_s question


I try to replace deprecated ldap_bind_s with ldap_sasl_bind_s but I am missing some details about how to do that. With ldap_bind_s I have method as a int and ldap.h has the following defined

/* authentication methods available */
#define LDAP_AUTH_NONE   ((ber_tag_t) 0x00U) /* no authentication */
#define LDAP_AUTH_SIMPLE ((ber_tag_t) 0x80U) /* context specific + primitive */ #define LDAP_AUTH_SASL ((ber_tag_t) 0xa3U) /* context specific + constructed */ #define LDAP_AUTH_KRBV4 ((ber_tag_t) 0xffU) /* means do both of the following */ #define LDAP_AUTH_KRBV41 ((ber_tag_t) 0x81U) /* context specific + primitive */ #define LDAP_AUTH_KRBV42 ((ber_tag_t) 0x82U) /* context specific + primitive */

but in ldap_sasl_bind_s it is a char variable and I do not know what the value would be for the above auth methods. Where can I find them documented ?

int ldap_sasl_bind_s(LDAP *ld, const char *dn, const char *mechanism,
      struct berval *cred, LDAPControl *sctrls[],
      LDAPControl *cctrls[], struct berval **servercredp);

Thank you