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Re: ACLs using dynlist overlay

Michael Ströder wrote:
Mattes wrote:
Dear collected list wisdom,

I'm trying to set up access control using membership in a dynamic list.I've activated the dynlist overlay and configured it like this:

olcDlAttrSet: groupOfURLs memberURL member

and installed an ACL:

olcAccess: to dn.regex=".+,<some base>"
by self read
by group/groupOfURLs/member="<group DN>" search

Browsing the directory I can see the member attributes being added to the
group, but testing access with slapacl I encounter the following error:54ef3976 => bdb_entry_get: found entry: "<group DN>"
54ef3976 <= bdb_entry_get: failed to find attribute member

What am I doing wrong?

In general, overlays don't take effect for the offline tools, they only function in slapd itself.

N.B.: I _did_ add member to the list of allowed attributes for a groupOfURLs ...

It's important to understand that dynlist overlay generates attribute 'member'
on the fly when it's read. Did you read section AUTHORIZATION in slapo-dynlist(5)?

Maybe running this as a CRON job is better for your needs:


Ciao, Michael.

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