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Case Sensitive Binds


I am using openldap 2.4.26. My system ignores case when doing binds:

Feb 27 16:08:08 devauth slapd[2437]: conn=2723 op=1 BIND
dn="uid=Bcymet@cbnco.com,ou=test_websales_users,dc=ls,dc=cbn" method=128
Feb 27 16:08:08 devauth slapd[2437]: => bdb_entry_get: found entry:

So this happily binds with bcymet@cbnco.com or Bcymet@cbnco.com and
returns the same entry.

Is this a configuration error on my part? Is it possible to have case
sensitive binds and if so what do I have to change?


Bram Cymet
Software Developer
Canadian Bank Note Co. Ltd.