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Re: ldapsearch gives partial results

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 07:16:57PM +0000, Howard Chu wrote:
> git shows that back-bdb didn't change between 2.4.39 and 2.4.40. The only relevant change was actually in .39. ITS#7761.

I added some abort() in the code to check where this LDAP_BUSY was
coming from and it is indeed in back-bdb/search.c where ITS#7761 patch
added the LDAP_BUSY case.

What confuses me is that I do not touch the config. Could it be 
caused by schema replication? I have tjings like this in the logs:
syncrepl_entry: rid=017 be_add cn={12}supann2009,cn=schema,cn=config failed (53) 
But it does not appear at the time LDPA_BUSY is raised.

Emmanuel Dreyfus