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Re: LMDB and HP-UX Itanium

On 19/02/15 16:32, Howard Chu wrote:
> Kristian Amlie wrote:
>> I'm wondering if the LMDB database has been tested on HP-UX with the
>> Itanium processor?
> Yes, but not in the past couple years.
>> We are trying to use the database there and are
>> seeing strange errors that don't occur on other platforms. Examples are
>> assertions when trying to do cross process access and values not making
>> it into the database correctly.
> Did you define the correct CACHELINE size?

I hadn't, but I tried it now. Seems to have no effect, but I suppose
CACHELINE size would only affect performance? It's anyway a good tip, I
will enable it for HP-UX regardless.

Any idea what else it could be?