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Re: create new user with same UID and GID

On 02/19/15 11:54 -0300, Fabián M Sales wrote:
I am creating users in LDAP and I assign different UID and GUI. For example.

What utility or process are you using to create these entries?

uid = _16661_ (user1) gid = _16664_ (user1) groups = _16664_ (user1)

I need that when the user is created is created with the same UID and
GID for user created.

as I do this?

I would love for it to be so:

uid = _16664_ (user1) gid = _16664_ (user1) groups = _16664_ (user1)

The values entered for uid/gid into your ldap directory are up to you (and
the tools you use). If you wish to limit or restrict the values that can be
used, see slapo-constraint(5) and slapo-unique(5).

Dan White