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Re: plz provide me any simple authentication code in ldap

On Thu, Feb 05, 2015 at 09:56:19AM +0530, Bharath K wrote:

> Subject: plz provide me any simple authentication code in ldap

> below is my code....by executing this i am getting as error as invalid
> credentials

This is apparently the same question that you asked on 23rd January,
but this time you have provided even less information. It does not appear to be
an OpenLDAP question at all: more of a Java programming question so maybe there
is a better list to ask.

I am not a Java programmer so I cannot help much with the code.
All I can suggest is that if you are using an OpenLDAP server you should turn up
the logging to include at least 'stats' and 'stats2' and post the log entries
that appear when you run your program. You will also need to post the entry that
you are trying to bind as.

Logging is controlled by the global option 'loglevel' if you are using file-based
config, and by the olcLogLevel attribute of cn=config if you are using slapd-config.

File based:

loglevel stats stats2

or in LDIF:

dn: cn=config
olcLogLevel: stats stats2

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