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Re: Chinese display garbled

On 05/02/2015 11:17, Tian Zhiying wrote:
> dn: cn=行政部,ou=domain,dc=domain,dc=com
> cn: 行政部
> gidnumber: 500
> objectclass: posixGroup
> I can add it to the LDAP server. Then excuting this command “# ldapsearch
> -x -H ldap://localhost -b dc=domain,dc=com” , it display as below:
> dn:: Y24955Sw5b+X6IuxLG91PXRodW5kZXJzb2Z0LGRjPXRodW5kZXJzb2Z0LGRjPWNvbQ==
> cn:: 55Sw5b+X6Iux

It's just base64 encoded. When I decode that it looks fine (though not
what you quoted as the original data:

dn: cn=田志英,ou=thundersoft,dc=thundersoft,dc=com
cn: 田志英

The :: notation against the attribute in the output is a hint that the
value is base64 encoded.

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