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i am in the process of updating all of my systems to fedora 20 from
fedora 16, and am using all the latest available builds for openldap,
cyrus-sasl and mit kerberos.  i have put everything together as i had on
fedora 16, and i am finding that the sasl instance is using
sasl/gss-spnego, and not sasl/gssapi like it did on the older version.

i am not sure if i should be concerned about this, but it feels like i
should be.  i am not able to find anything that allow me to configure
things one way or another, so i can force the use of gssapi from
configs, it seems.

can anyone point me in a direction about this, tell me if i should be
concerned, or if you might have come across this before what i should be
doing that i am not?

thank you,