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Re: Add attribute to already defined objectclass organizationalUnit in core.schema

Shashi Ranjan wrote:
> I need to add two elements to organizationalUnit Object Class.

Which attributes?

> How can I do it without modifying the core.schema file?
> Is there a way to define two new attributes in my private schema file
> (local.schema) and then extend the object class organizationalUnit defined
> in core.schema? I do not want to modify the file core.schema.

Basically you have three options:

1. Define a custom STRUCTURAL object class SUP organizationalUnit and create
entries based on that.

2. Define a custom AUXILIARY object class and add that to already existing
entries using organizationalUnit as structural object class.

3. Define a DIT content rule for organizationalUnit and use MUST/MAY/NOT to
meet your requirements.

Usually I prefer to either do 1. or 2. depending on other needs. I use 3. with
NOT quite often to forbid attributes really not used.

Ciao, Michael.

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