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Re: slap_timestamp with microsecond granularity?

Paul B. Henson wrote:
> Reviewing current time handling code, while lutil_parsetime understands
> and can parse a generalized time that includes fractions of a second,
> there doesn't seem to be any code that can generate a generalized time
> string including fractions of a second, in particular to microsecond
> resolution (to match a struct timeval time)?


slapo-accesslog records fractions of a second in attributes reqStart and
reqEnd which both are declared use Generalized Time syntax. So there is some
code which generates the fraction part. Maybe you have to start looking into
./servers/slapd/overlays/accesslog.c and go further from there.

Looking at the values in my accesslog DB I suspect something might be wrong
with the fraction part though. There are always at least three zeros after the

Ciao, Michael.

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