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Re: How can i setup acl on openldap(ubuntu 12.04)

--On April 25, 2014 at 4:27:36 PM +0800 Tian Zhiying <tianzy1225@thundersoft.com> wrote:


My server is ubuntu 12.04 64bit, install openldap via apt-get, now i want
to setup acl,how can i quickly to setup it.
Before i use centos 5, slapd.conf on /etc/openldap dir, but slapd.conf is
not on /etc/ldap dir at ubuntu 12.04.

a) Do not use the OpenLDAP build supplied by Ubuntu, it is horribly broken. I would advise you obtain a package either from Symas or the LTB project if you are not able to build it yourself.

b) Read the documentation on the cn=config database backend that is now used by OpenLDAP.


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