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bug(?) with initial/seed syncrepl


(note: english is not my primary language. I'll do my best to be clear...)

I have scripts to test several replication scenarii, that setup the LDAP environment then allow me to play with parameters as I see fit.

I believe that there is a bug with the "seed replication" that allow one to build an exact clone of a master with minimal configuration on the slave side.

Before I fill an ITS, I'd like to confirm with you that I do the right thing (tm)

note: the tests below require 2 VMs, or running the two slapd instances in chroots, because a clone replica requires the data files to be in the same path...

this is openldap 2.4.39 on debian squeeze

I attach a script to replicate the problem. it requires root (it uses chroots)

use 0start.sh to:
- create a ldap server to be served on ldap://localhost:3890
- start the master in chroot
  (the logs are in /jclain-slapd-test/master.data/slapd.log)
- create a seed ldap replica to be served on ldap://localhost:3891 with ldap://localhost:3890 as the provider
- start it in chroot with option -c rid=0
  (the logs are in /jclain-slapd-test/slave.data/slapd.log)

use 1stop.sh to:
- stop the servers
- umount the chroots

If I understand the manual correctly, after 0start.sh, the replica should be identical to the master thanks to -c rid=0
BUT, the log on the replica says:

534d5481 dn_callback : new entry is older than ours cn=config ours 20140415154713.807278Z#000000#000#000000, new 20140415154704.888204Z#000000#000#000000

and indeed, the seed entries are NOT overwritten
I have to "touch" them on the master to force the replication.

so my question is: do I use the -c option correctly, or is there a bug?

thanks for your help. regards,

Jephté Clain
Direction des Systèmes d'Information
et des Usages Numériques - 2IG
Tél. 0262 93 86 31
Fax. 0262 93 81 06

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