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RE: Syncrepl and mmr

--On Friday, January 31, 2014 4:34 PM -0500 "Borresen, John - 0442 - MITLL" <John.Borresen@ll.mit.edu> wrote:

I have turned off TLS for the time being.

Now, I think it is an ACLs issue that I need to figure out...seeing the

ldap_write: want=531 error=Broken pipe
52ec16ae ber_flush2 failed errno=32 reason="Broken pipe"
52ec16ae connection_closing: readying conn=1074 sd=22 for close
52ec16ae send_search_entry: conn 1074  ber write failed.
52ec16ae connection_resched: attempting closing conn=1074 sd=22
52ec16ae connection_close: conn=1074 sd=22
52ec16ae daemon: removing 22
52ec16ae conn=1074 fd=22 closed (connection lost on write)
52ec16ae daemon: activity on 1 descriptor
52ec16ae daemon: activity on:52ec16ae
52ec16ae daemon: epoll: listen=7 active_threads=0 tvp=zero

That would not be an acl issue. broken pipes, flushing problems, etc... I generally see that with firewalls causing problems.



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