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Antw: LMDB database size

>>> "Markus Doppelbauer" <doppelbauer@gmx.net> schrieb am 25.01.2014 um 16:04 in
> Hello,
> We are using BerkeleyDB since a decade - but we are searching for something
> more lightweight. LMDB is what we are looking for ...  ^^

??? More lightweight? Last time I used Sleepycat DB, the extra size for the binary was about 1MB...

> The small code  and the benchmark-results are very impressive!
> A question: We have a server with 4 GB RAM. One of the BerkeleyDB-files has
> about 20 GB.This particular database is a kind of archive - hardly read and 
> hardly
> written (maybe once per minute).
> Is it possible to "mmap()" a 20 GB database into the RAM? If yes, will the 
> server
> start "swapping"?
> Thanks a lot
> Markus