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RE: Ldap Connection Issue



I resolved my own issue.  It’s amazing what you come up with when you walk away for a few.  I had created a link between /etc/openldap and the /usr/local/openldap/etc/openldap.  When I discovered that someone at some point before I got here had downloaded every CentOS/RedHat LDAP rpm to this machine, I cleaned it up to where only the 2.4.38 rpm remained.  Well, it removed my link which I had created, which was causing the errors below.




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Very similar issue that Warron was/is having. 


Server1: # ldapsearch -W -x -ZZ -b cn=config -v -D cn=admin,cn=config

Server1: # ldapsearch -W -x -ZZ -H ldap://server2.example.ldap -b cn=config -v -D cn=admin,cn=config


These commands work (they returns the dbase as expect & desired), both servers are clients to themselves and the other server (using self-signed wildcard certificates)

Both ldap.confs are identical, the one on server1 was used on server2.  The URI directive looks like:


uri ldap://server1.example.ldap ldap://server1.<FQDN> ldap://server2.example.ldap ldap://server2.<FQDN>



a)      # ldapsearch -W -x -ZZ -b cn=config -v -D cn=admin,cn=config

      Fails with:

      ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )

             ldap_start_tls: Connect error (-11)


b)      # ldapsearch -W -x -ZZ -H ldap://server2.example.ldap -b cn=config -v -D cn=admin,cn=config

ldap_initialize( ldap://server2.example.ldap:389/??base )

ldap_start_tls: Connect error (-11)


c)       # ldapsearch -W -x -ZZ -h ldap://server1.example.ldap -b cn=config -v -D cn=admin,cn=config

d)      ldap_initialize( ldap://ldap:%2F%2Fserver1.example.ldap)

e)      Could not create LDAP session handle for URI=ldap://ldap:%2F%2Fgp42-admin4.llan.ll.mit.edu (-9): Bad parameter to an ldap routine


There is one other client that like server1 can search the dbase(s) on both servers (it too is a client of both servers).


Any ideas at what to look for?


thanks in advance



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