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Re: Antw: Re: lmdb memory usage when writing lots of data with memorymap option

Ulrich Windl wrote:
Off-topic: I can remember a statement of the late 80ies where a programmer
claimed the 32-bit address space is so large that one does not have to care
about garbage collection in virtual address space; just use new addresses.
I think even with 64 bit one should always try not to waste address space.

Wow, good thing you're here to remind us of these little details, I would never have thought of that! What on earth will we do now?

Oh wait, right in the LMDB design paper, there's a discussion of garbage collection. Someone must have thought of it already, after all. You're the worst kind of fool, one who believes he knows more than he actually does, in a world where it's trivially easy to acquire the actual facts.

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