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Re: DBIS - new IETF drafts to replace NIS and RFC2307

Mark R Bannister wrote:
In August this year, I submitted some new IETF drafts with the intent that
they would replace NIS and RFC2307.  It introduces Directory Based Information
Services (DBIS).

Michael Ströder suggested I post a link to this mailing list.  The following
article (and further articles on my blog) discuss some of the aspects of DBIS,
and link to all of the relevant internet drafts:

I am currently working on a reference implementation here:

This may be coming out of the blue for many of you, and I appreciate you may
need some time to read and digest my drafts, and then ask me lots of questions.

But my first question to you is, where is the best place for discussion
related to these drafts?  Is this the mailing list to use?

The ietf-ldapext mailing list would be most appropriate.

I have several comments regarding this proposal but I'll post them to the ldapext list.

Best regards,
Mark Bannister.

e: dbis@proseconsulting.co.uk

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