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p12 files for user-auth in slapd.conf question


I am  a complete beginner  leaning to use openldap.

I read through  a few of the manuals online.  I am finding the access-control 
(   http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/access-control.html  ) the hardest to 

I would like to know  if it is possible to authenticate users using  p12  
(pkcs12 certificates/key pair ) and  IF SO what would be 

a)  the standard shemas  to be included in slapd.conf to make this possible ? 
b)  the entry  for olcAccess ( in slapd.conf)    for users to be authenticared 
via their p12 files ? ,
b)  the location and storage method  in the database   for  these  .p12 files 

IF NOT SO   what is the recommended equivalent to p12 files  and how would 
they be deployed.?

thanks in advance