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Antw: Re: Q: monitoring attributes

>>> Dieter KlÃnter<dieter@dkluenter.de> schrieb am 27.11.2013 um 10:34 in
> Am Wed, 27 Nov 2013 09:09:35 +0100
> schrieb "Ulrich Windl" <Ulrich.Windl@rz.uni-regensburg.de>:
>> Hi!
>> I found out why I never was successful with cn=monitor: By default
>> '*' attributes show almost nothing; you'll have to use '+' attributes
>> (in my version at least). I'm not very happy with the decision,
>> because you'll get the truely operational attributes also. If the
>> whole subtree cn=Monitor is invisible in naming contexts, I see
>> little reason to hide the "normal" attributes as operational in the
>> whole subtree.
>> Seeing those operational atributes, I noticed that "creatorsName" and
>> "modifiersName" are both present but have an empty value. That
>> doesn't look very nice, especially as createTimestamp and
>> modifyTimestamp do have proper values.
> RFC-4512 requires that this attributes must be present in every entry.

No problem, but couldn't be the creator's and modifier's names be something
like "slapd"?

>> Using monitoredObject for all monitored values gives a unique
>> interface, but having all possible results in monitoredInfo is not
>> very usable, especially if there's no description. For example (some
>> attributes removed for brevity): --- dn: cn=Uptime,cn=Time,cn=Monitor
>> structuralObjectClass: monitoredObject monitoredInfo: 153543
>> hasSubordinates: FALSE
>> ---
>> It's not clear (denying the obvious) what the units of uptime are:
>> seconds, minutes, etc. It seems to me that "monitoredType" or
>> "monitoredInfoType" and "monitoredUnit" (for measurable infos) are
>> missing.
>> Shouldn't "monitorCounter" be named "monitoredCounter" to use the
>> same pattern as "monitoredInfo"?
>> I could not find the schema for the monitoring objects in any file.
>> Can I retrieve a readable schema from openLDAP?
> it is in the source code, see openldap/servers/slapd/back-monitor/README
> and back-monitor.h

I'd prefer it to be in the retrievable schema ;-)

BTW: I noticed that there is no schema for entryCSN neither...


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