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Re: Re: ACL and Password Policy

2013/11/26 Esteban Pereira <esteban.pereira@gepsit.fr>:
> For the first question, Michael already answer you
> For the second, could you give us more information, for example, how do you
> modify the password. I don't think so, but to remove any doubt, do you
> modify the password with a ldapmodify request on the userpassword? or with
> the extended operation to modify password which will follow the ppolicy
> constraints (which ldapmodify don't take into account)

Password policy works with ldapmodify and extended password
modification operation.

If the min length constraint does not work, it may be because you are
sending to LDAP the SSHA encoded value in modification. In this case,
the password policy overlay cannot check the size.

Other point, the password policy is bypassed by the rootdn. You have
to change the password with another account.