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Re: fwd field

harry.jede@arcor.de wrote:
> arun.sasi1@wipro.com wrote:
>> Hello Michael,
>> I am using proprietary mail server unfortunately vendor is not
>> providing the schema.
> maybe you have access to an installed ldap server which has the schemas 
> you need. Then it is easy to retrieve the schema.
> ldapsearch -LLLx -H ldap://localhost/ -b 'cn=Subschema' -s base +

Note that you make two assumptions here not valid in general:

1. DN of subschema subentry is always 'cn=Subschema'.

2. The LDAP server has to support RFC 3673 to be able to return all
operational attributes when search requested '+'.

It's general better to refer to the FAQ-O-MATIC when fastly answering more
complex questions:


My recent modification to above FAQ entry still awaits moderators action. The
really correct ldapsearch command with 'cn=Subschema' being the DN you
retrieved with the first search:

ldapsearch -x -LLL -b cn=Subschema -s base '(objectClass=subschema)'
attributeTypes dITStructureRules objectClasses nameForms dITContentRules
matchingRules ldapSyntaxes matchingRuleUse

Ciao, Michael.

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