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Re: Q: syntax

Ulrich Windl wrote:
>>>> Michael StrÃder<michael@stroeder.com> schrieb am 11.11.2013 um 16:49 in
> Nachricht <5280FC93.4090408@stroeder.com>:
>> Ulrich Windl wrote:
>>> I see that core.schema defines:
>>> ---
>>> attributetype ( NAME 'teletexTerminalIdentifier'
>>>         DESC 'RFC2256: Teletex Terminal Identifier'
>>>         SYNTAX )
>>> ---
>>> However I cannot locate the syntax for the OID. It's mentioned in secion
> 6.5 
>> of RFC 2256, however.
>> Don't expect the subschema subentry to be complete. There are likely 
>> dangling
>> references in the subschema.
>>> How is an LDAP client expected to resolve this?
>> Do you ask for a fully schema-aware generic LDAP client?
> I am writing an LDAP client at the moment ;-) I'd like my client to provide a
> description of each object class, attribute, attribute type, and possible
> allowed lengths.

Then you should probably dig into ietf-ldapbis mailing list archives. I
suspect that question you will ask were already asked by myself, most times on

> Talking about lenghts: A few attributes seem to have rather arbitrary lengths
> (e.g. cn=32768, description=1024), while others have none.

It's the so-called "minimum upper bound". It's rather useless for UI.

>> It depends on the client and which schema element is actually missing.
>> BTW: I will present some aspects regarding missing schema elements in my
>> LDAPcon talk next week.
>> Why are you digging into this so deeply?
> Start well, improve, until perfect ;-)

I'm looking forward to your implementation. You should test it with many servers.

But you should really consider whether you want to waste so much spare time on
it. Being the author of web2ldap I really know how much time it takes. It's a
little better today because server implementations are much more LDAPv3
compliant than they used to be.

Ciao, Michael.

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