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Re: openldap syncrepl issue

Chris Card wrote:
> I am running openldap 2.4.36 with BDB for my main backend db, and multi-master replication setup using delta-syncrepl with MDB for the cn=accesslog db.
> I monitor the contextCSN to check that replication is in sync, but I've noticed what looks like a bug:
> If I try to delete a non-existent DN from the main db on machine A, I see the delete attempt in the cn=accesslog db on machine A with status 32, but the contextCSN of the main db is not changed, as expected. 
> On machine B the contextCSN of the main db is updated, as if the delete had succeeded, and then machine A appears to be behind machine B according to the contextCSN values.
> Is this a known bug?

Are you using slapo-memberof or slapo-refint?

If yes, you're probably hitting ITS#7710 which was fixed recently in OpenLDAP


Ciao, Michael.

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